Ruby Ribbon is a fast-growing social-selling Fashion and Shapewear brand, selling shaping apparel for every woman via home parties.

In 2012, I provided the Ruby Ribbon logo and visual branding kit, using supplied brand strategy including target market information and a study of comparative brands. My process and all elements of this brand exploration are outlined in this section.

This brand exploration utilizes found imagery and artwork, used internally for the sole purpose of identifying brand voice .

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Three mood boards are intended to drastically differentiate from one another and span the age range given, in order to gauge the client's response as a jumping off point. The boards show emotive qualities of the customer outlined in brand strategy: who she is, what her personal and/or aspirational style may be. For each direction palette and fonts are loosely explored as a precursor to logo development.

Finalized mood board and palette are culled from 2 of the 3 directions based client feedback, targeting the middle of the age range, and a general aesthetic is chosen for font exploration to continue. Core and extended palette is finalized and keywords created to express the qualities of the brand's values and personality.

Starting from chosen elements from mood boards, and over several rounds of presentation, logo is developed and finalized. Taglines are explored and finalized. Versions are created for vertical and horizontal logos, lockups with website and tagline, and a signatory is created to be embroidered onto garments.

As part of presentation of the finalized logo, renderings using on-brand found and stock imagery are rendered to help the client fully visualize the brand. Application of the branding onto the first marketing materials are discussed, and photography and illustration options are explored. Combinations from the finalized palette show seasonal versatility. Solutions for home party setup is discussed. Pattern is explored prior to beginning work on signature prints.

This brand exploration utilizes found imagery and artwork, used internally for the sole purpose of identifying brand voice. Illustrators were considered for hire and are credited .

Signature prints are developed and finalized to be used in packaging, tissue papers and as part of other graphics.

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